Brook Pointe Resort Inc Now Serving Beer and Wine for a Revamped Couples Romance Getaway Experience

Brook Pointe Resort Inc Now Serving Beer and Wine for a Revamped Couples Romance Getaway Experience

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we announce Brook Pointe Resort Inc has been granted a beer and wine alcohol license in Kosciusko County as of June 2022. This significant development brings a fresh dimension to our highly popular Couples Romance Getaway Packages, offering couples an opportunity to add a more sophisticated touch to their experience.

Celebrate Your Love with Beer & Wine in Our Couples Romance Getaway Packages

For years, our Couples Romance Getaway Packages have been an enchanting retreat for couples looking to escape from daily routines and reconnect with each other in a serene setting. Now, with our approved beer and wine license, we have the capacity to elevate the romantic experience to an even higher level.

Upgrade Your Couples Romance Getaway with Alcohol Options

The addition of beer and wine to our resort amenities means a noteworthy enhancement to our Couples Romance Getaway Packages. No longer will couples be restricted to the sparkling cider that has been a staple of our packages. Now, guests have the choice to upgrade their packages to include our select offerings of beer and wine, providing a more personalized and memorable experience.

What This Means for Our Guests: More Choices, More Memories

Being awarded the alcohol license means more than just being able to serve beer and wine. It’s a testament to our commitment to continually enhance our offerings and services to provide the most memorable experiences for our guests. With the ability to serve beer and wine, we are now equipped to meet more of our guests’ preferences, thereby creating more unforgettable moments during your Couples Romance Getaway.

Make your next visit to Brook Pointe Resort a remarkable one. Upgrade your Couples Romance Getaway Package to include our new beer and wine offerings and enhance your romantic experience. Book your stay today!