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Whisk Your Loved One Away to Brook Pointe Resort: The Ultimate Couples’ Retreat in Northern Indiana

In the serene landscapes of Northern Indiana, love and nature dance a timeless waltz at Brook Pointe Resort. Founded in 1996 by Brice & Fay Medlock, a visionary Christian couple, the resort today is a harmonious blend of rustic charm and contemporary luxury.

Every accommodation detail at Brook Pointe whispers intimacy. Modern amenities like charging stations, digital TV channels, and business workstations are effortlessly balanced with the soothing allure of our 89-degree saltwater pool and the gourmet delights of a complimentary breakfast.

Yet, it’s the untouched beauty of Brook Pointe that truly sets the stage for romance. Be it a leisurely walk with your partner through our picturesque trails, a magical evening in the Enchanted Forest, or a heart-racing moment on the mini zip line, every corner tells a tale of love.

Introducing our Couples Romance Getaway package: A realm where your romantic fantasies come to life. From rooms bathed in candlelight and silk rose petals to the luxurious embrace of a Jacuzzi tub, it’s an invitation to relive your most cherished memories and make new ones.

For those seeking to add an extra sprinkle of magic, our exclusive upgrades promise to tantalize. Dive into relaxation with our in-house massage services, or set the mood with gourmet cheese platters, exquisite chocolates, and handpicked wines and beers.

Beyond the resort, the cultural richness of Northern Indiana beckons. A day trip to the Amish towns of Shipshewana and Nappanee offers a quaint, romantic experience, taking couples back to simpler, love-filled times.

One of our recent guests shared, “Brook Pointe is not just a stay; it’s where we rediscovered our love.”

Are you ready to pen down your love story amidst the splendors of Northern Indiana? Reach out to us at 574-457-4466 and let Brook Pointe Resort be your muse.