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Lake Wawasee’s Hidden Escape: The Timeless Charm of Brook Pointe Resort

Nestled amidst the undulating landscapes of Northern Indiana, Brook Pointe Resort is a luxurious retreat that merges the tranquility of nature with the elegance of modern amenities. It’s more than just a stay—it’s an experience, a journey through time and beauty.

The history of Brook Pointe is steeped in ambition and passion. Founded in 1996 by the enterprising Brice & Fay Medlock, the resort’s story was reinvigorated in 2012 under the loving care of Ben & Kristi Plikerd. Today, the legacy of these visionaries is felt in the ambiance of the resort’s 30 plush rooms and a secluded cabin, where every detail whispers luxury.

But Brook Pointe’s magic transcends beyond its architectural finesse. It lies in the untouched nature that envelops it. The Enchanted Forest, a haven for those seeking solace, the thrill of the mini zip line for adventure enthusiasts, and the romantic nooks that create perfect backdrops for unforgettable memories.

Guests are treated to a host of experiences: from delectable gourmet cheese platters to soul-soothing massages and the sheer indulgence of heated saltwater pools.

Situated conveniently between South Bend and Fort Wayne, Brook Pointe has become a cherished destination for travelers from Michiana, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and even the bustling city of Chicago. And for those who cherish cultural experiences, the nearby Amish towns of Shipshewana and Nappanee offer a delightful detour.

If you’re searching for a place where time stands still and memories come alive, Brook Pointe Resort is your sanctuary. Reserve your slice of paradise at 574-457-4466.