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Captivating Getaways: The Charm & Legacy of Brook Pointe Resort

Amid the scenic expanse of Northern Indiana, a gem awaits discovery: The Brook Pointe Resort. Rooted in history and curated with love, this establishment has, over the years, offered a sanctuary of serenity and sophistication.

The story of Brook Pointe is woven with dreams. In 1996, the vision of Brice & Fay Medlock gave birth to this sanctuary. And as time went by, Ben & Kristi Plikerd, in 2012, gracefully took the helm, infusing modernity without overshadowing its rich legacy.

From the 30 eloquently appointed rooms to the picturesque cabin nestled in nature’s lap, each space is designed to whisper tales of luxury and intimacy. At Brook Pointe, every brick, every trail, and every corner have stories to tell.

The essence of Brook Pointe extends to its environment. Whether it’s a walk through the mystical Enchanted Forest, an adrenaline surge on the mini zip line, or a reflective moment by a secluded spot, the resort is an odyssey of experiences.

Luxury is in the details. Treat your palate with artisanal cheese platters or unwind under the skilled hands of a masseuse. And for moments of relaxation, the heated saltwater pool offers a comforting embrace.

Perfectly perched between South Bend and Fort Wayne, this retreat is not just a favorite for locals, but also for those journeying from Michiana, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and Chicago. And if cultural excursions entice you, the neighboring Amish towns of Shipshewana and Napanee promise delightful experiences.

Dive into a world where past and present converge, where memories await creation. Dial 574-457-4466 and curate your perfect retreat at Brook Pointe Resort.