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Brook Pointe Resort: The Perfect Blend of Heritage and Modern Romance

In the verdant stretches of Northern Indiana, a special destination beckons couples seeking a serene escape: The Brook Pointe Resort. A place where historical grandeur meets today’s modern comforts, offering a harmonious blend that resonates with the soul.

Originating in 1996 from the dreams of Brice & Fay Medlock, Brook Pointe saw its essence rejuvenated under the attentive care of Ben & Kristi Plikerd in 2012. Their vision? To create a retreat that embodies warmth, intimacy, and luxury in equal measure.

It’s not just about the 30 exquisitely crafted rooms or the secluded cabin that promises unparalleled privacy. It’s about the myriad experiences that await you. Let the Enchanted Forest pull you into its embrace, feel the rush of the mini zip line, or find a cozy spot where time stands still.

Add layers to your romantic story with curated experiences. A gourmet cheese platter to share under the stars, a rejuvenating massage to melt away the world, or a refreshing dip in the heated saltwater pool – choose what speaks to your heart.

Located conveniently between South Bend and Fort Wayne, Brook Pointe Resort stands as a gateway for travelers from Michiana, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and Chicago. And for a taste of authentic culture, the Amish towns of Shipshewana and Napanee are just a short drive away, promising enriching day trips.

Step into Brook Pointe Resort, where every moment is designed to be a cherished memory. Reach out to us at 574-457-4466 and let us craft your perfect romantic sojourn.